Blind Cup

Imagine walking into a sterile, clean laboratory - a few pieces of stainless steel equipment line the walls, some humming quietly. Before you is a white, round table holding three identical looking cups of coffee spaced about 10 inches apart, a big, silver spoon and a small bowl of water. You look to your left, out a huge glass window, and see a mild mannered looking man next to a donkey, a wall street type businessman, sharp suit, and the group of cute schoolkids in this picture. Your strict directive is to taste the coffee, and determine which is the absolute best, highest quality, most delicious, and you will pay the producer top dollar for the lot of it, no questions asked. You know man with the burro will purchase the land adjacent to his coffee farm if you buy his coffee in the cup on the left. The businessman will fuel his private jet for his next trip to his farm by selecting the center cup, and the schoolkids will get a three year's supply of books and supplies if you choose the cup on the right. Which cup tastes the best? To be continued...

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