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SOLD OUT - Kenya Bingwa Estate AA
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Variety: SL28Production Method: Washed Process
Altitude: 1600 metersProducer:
Microlot: 360 kgCertification & Accolades: Single Estate

SOLD OUT - Kenya Bingwa Estate AA

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8.4oz (238g)

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Coffee Characteristics
Flavor Notes

FLAVOR NOTES: Vinous notes of dry, white wine; black currant; alluring spice in the finish

While there is little romance to the name SL28, it is certainly one of the most highly prized botanical varieties of Arabica coffee. This Kenya coffee designation was identified by Scott Labs in the 1930s as possessing a potential for greatness. What this variety lacks in name it more than makes up for in taste, epitomizing all the things so desired about Kenya coffee. The estate of Bingwa, from a Kiswahili word meaning “Champion”, has extensive experience with SL28. An intimate estate of just 2,500 trees, many planted by the owner’s father in 1956, yields superb beans, a testament to their meticulous care and lasting health. This central highland Kenya has a very recognizable character that is intense with sweet, wine-like acidity and pungent black currant fruit notes. This small producer is representative of the best of Kenya, the best of the world, and therefore Demours.