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SOLD OUT - Kenya Durango Wamba AA
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Variety: SL28Production Method: Washed Process
Altitude: 1800 metersProducer:
Microlot: 1440 kgCertification & Accolades: Single Estate

SOLD OUT - Kenya Durango Wamba AA

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8.4oz (238g)

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Coffee Characteristics
Flavor Notes

FLAVOR NOTES: Peach to banana, layered with soft fruit acidity; savory, summer ripe tomatoes, bell pepper spice in the finish

Stunning AA coffee from a boutique estate on a STEEP hillside in Mirigi, Muranga, Nyeri, Kenya. Ndirango (Durango) is a young, serious businessman, and approaches production at his coffee estate methodically. His father nurtured the farm for years and his recent passing has left young Durango in charge. The trees are at 1800 meters and are planted in stepped terraces down the side of incredibly steep and treacherous highland slopes. The matriarch, Mama Wamba, watches over the estate on a daily basis nurturing each tree to full potential with a maternal touch while Durango conducts business. An efficient set up allows the Mirigi Estate to use gravity to their advantage by creating a process in which natural fertilizers are allowed to trickle down through the crevices and over the terraced slopes to the waiting trees. With such thoughtful management, the beans are able to achieve very even and uniform ripening so that Durango is able to bring in 200 pickers for two passes, a great advantage on hillsides so precipitious. One can appreciate this direct approach to producing spectacular coffee.