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Winner *Best of Panama* Finca Lerida Natural - Auction Lot No.9
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Variety: CatuaiProduction Method: Natural Process
Altitude: 1800 metersProducer: sold out
Microlot: 45 kgCertification & Accolades: Winner Best of Panama Auction

Winner *Best of Panama* Finca Lerida Natural - Auction Lot No.9

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8.4oz (238g)

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Coffee Characteristics
Flavor Notes

FLAVOR NOTES: Wild, over-ripe fruits; sage; woodsmoke; dynamic, kaleidescopic finish

Toleff Mönniche first arrived in Panama from Norway as a chief engineer constructing the Panama Canal. He discovered his destiny in the rolling hills of Volcan Baru, establishing a magical estate called Finca Lerida. A natural reserve, landmark destination and bird sanctuary, Finca Lerida also possesses the perfect microclimate for growing some of the world's best coffee. Mönniche’s technical prowess enabled an especially refined coffee, with his invention of a revolutionary piece of equipment used to separate perfectly ripe coffee cherries from the underripe, ensuring perfect beans. Finca Lerida is currently managed by The Chiari Family, who manage the coffee production with great sensitivity to the virgin rainforest surrounding the farm.