World Of Demours


At Demours, we are global caretakers of the finest coffee. Of all the coffee in the world, one percent is considered specialty grade. Of this superior coffee, only one percent can be deemed Café Privé Sélect, an exquisite selection that is the sole domain of Demours.

Café Privé Sélect represents our uncompromising quest for the world’s best coffee. Many of these coffees are exceedingly rare, produced only in small lots. All are possessing of unrivaled complexity of flavor. Through established relationships with progressive coffee growers around the globe, Demours enjoys the opportunity to evaluate the best beans of the vintage on a right of first refusal basis. Once a coffee is accepted into the product portfolio, it is exclusively Demours, entitled to all the care and privilege that comes with that designation.

Unlike inferior beans that may be subject to waiting at the mill to be processed or languish on a dock exposed to the elements, Café Privé Sélect enjoys only first-class treatment from point of origin to point of consumption. Beans are processed quickly and cleanly at the grower level, sealed and expedited directly to our facility, then micro-roasted to order. 

On the day of roast, finished beans are vacuum sealed and shipped express to the hands of appreciative consumers and sophisticated fine dining establishments, along with the knowledge and tools to prepare them into a truly extraordinary cup of coffee. By linking the highest quality beans with roasting excellence and mindful brewing, Demours delivers a rare taste of perfection.

From Our Founder

I was studying abroad, seated at a tiny café in Puebla, Mexico, when a cup of coffee changed my life. Time briefly slowed as I took in the richly layered taste of that cup, observing the energy, community and vivid conversation, all centered around a common love of coffee. At that moment, I realized that in some way, coffee would be an important part of my future.

From here, I journeyed to the plazas of southern Spain, where I became a student of café culture, in preparation for bringing the authentic experience to America. By 1997 I was the owner of a café in the U.S. The coffee I was sourcing from a regional roaster was the best to be found, but I knew I could do better. By the following year, I had purchased a coffee roaster and my first bag of unroasted green coffee beans, embarking on a lifelong quest. In the 17 years since, I have traveled across countries and continents in search of the most extraordinary coffees, innovative producers and complex flavors.

What began as an attempt to satisfy my own desire for superior coffee, soon became a mission to share the ultimate coffee experience, as I realized other sophisticated coffee lovers were seeking the same qualities I had discovered. With Demours, I am exploring cultures and expanding palates, focusing all my efforts on delivering to every person who tastes a cup of Café Privé Sélect their own life-changing coffee moment.

Jennifer A. Stone, founder of Demours Café Privé Sélect, is a Licensed Quality Grader by the Coffee Quality Institute as well as an internationally recognized coffee cupper and judge for the Cup of Excellence.